PRO-6 and Punjab Naroya

The plants are medium tall, leaves are green, bulbs are deep red, medium to large, round with thin tight neck. It takes 120 days from the transplanting to harvesting. It has good keeping quality and less bolting. The average yield is 175 q/acre.

Punjab Naroya
Its plants are medium tall, green and bulbs are red, medium to large, round with close neck. It takes 145 days from transplanting to harvesting and average yield is 150 q/ acre. It is tolerant to purple blotch disease both in seed and bulb crop production and is also tolerant to the attack of thrips and heliothis.

Well drained, rich in organic matter, free from diseases, weeds but alkaline and low lying soils are not suitable for onion cultivation.

It grows best under mild climate without extreme heat or cold, or excessive rainfall

Sow nursery from mid October to mid-November and transplant from the middle of December to middle of January

SEED RATE Sow 4 to 5 kg seed to raise seedlings for transplanting in an acre. Sow nursery in n 8 marlas (200 sq.m)) area to transplant one acre.

Treat the seeds before sowing with 3g of Thiram or Captan per kg. of seed to avoid attack of seed borne diseases.

Close planting at 15 cm between rows and 7.5 cm between plants is most conducive for high yields.

Spray Stomp 30 EC (pendimethalin) @ one litre/acre or Stomp 30 EC @ 750 ml/acre followed by one hoeing within a week after transplanting or after first irrigation. Alternatively, apply Goal 23.5 EC (oxyfluorfen) 380 ml/acre as early post-emergence (within 7 days after planting) using 200 litre of water followed by one hand weeding at 90-100 days after planting of onion nursery

Irrigate immediately after transplanting for proper establishment of seedlings. Depending upon the soil and weather conditions irrigate the crop at 7-10 day intervals. Stop watering at least a fortnight before harvesting to prolong storage life of bulbs

Add FYM 20t/acre, together with 40 kg of N (90 kg of Urea), 20 kg of P2 O5 (125 kg of Superphosphate) and 20 kg of K2 O (35 kg of Muriate of Potash) per acre. Apply whole farmyard manure, P2 O5 and K2 O and half of N before transplanting and remaining dose of N 4-6 weeks later as top dressing.

Harvest onion when tops dry up and fall. After harvesting cure the bulbs under shade and then cut the leaves 1-2 cm. above the bulb. Store in a well ventilated and dry place. Turn the bulbs once in a fortnight during storage and sort out and discard injured ones.

Onion thrip
For their control, Spray 250ml of Malathion 50 EC in 80 litres of water/acre as soon the pest appears.
Onion maggot
Apply 4kg of Sevin 4G (carbaryl) or Thimet 10G (phorate) to the soil followed by light irrigation

Purple blotch and Downy mildew
Spray the crop with 600g of Indofil M-45 and 200 ml of Triton or linseed oil (as sticker) in 200 litres of water/acre as soon as first symptoms of the disease appear. This should be followed by 3 or more sprays at 10 day intervals.