Construction of seed shop at KVK Kapurthala



Sealed percentage rate quotations on plain papers are invited on through rate basis below or above CSR from the approved & eligible Contractors/firms enlisted with PAU/PWD/Railways & other public sector undertakings of the appropriate class for the following works. Quotations should reach in the office of the undersigned upto 11.06.2018 by 4:30 pm. Technical & financial bid of only those firms/contractors, who will be found eligible, shall be opened on 12.06.2018 at 11:30 am.



Name of the work Estimated Cost

(Amount in Rs.)



1. Construction of seed shop at KVK, Kapurthala 3,38,500/- 90 days

Terms & Conditions: –

  1. Conditional/unsealed/telegraphic/incomplete quotations shall not be accepted.
  2. Quotations of only those contractors/firms who are enlisted with PAU or any other department such as P.W.D., M.E.S., Panchyati Raj, PUDA, Improvement Trust and other public undertakings will be accepted who will submit their bids in an envelop (A) clearly mentioning on it the name of the contractor/firm and nomenclature of the work. This envelop i.e. ‘A’ should contain two separate envelopes entitled ‘B’ ‘Technical Bid’ and ‘C’ entitled ‘Financial Bid’. The envelop ‘B’ entitled ‘Technical Bid’ must contain a copy of enlistment letter. Envelop entitled ‘Financial Bid’ will contain quotation of the work. Both the envelopes ‘B’ and ‘C’ will be kept in envelop (A). All the envelopes i.e. A, B and C should be duly sealed.
  3. The standing committee will open ‘Financial bids’ of only those contractors/firms whose ‘Technical Bids’ are found to be in order.
  1. On the basis of performance of the contractors/firms/agencies, the standing committee reserves the rights to reject any or all quotations. Firms/contractors having three or more works (at PAU Campus/Outstations) pending for more than two years after original date of completions, will not be eligible to quote their rates for other university works.
  2. Quotations of only those contractors who quote their rates in the following format:
    1. C.S.R. items
Name of the Firm/Contractor
Sr. No. Option % in figures In words Amount
1. Percentage Below
2. Percentage Above
3. At par

Note: only one of the above options is to be filled. More than one option shall be rejected.

  1. Non Schedule Items: Rates for non-schedule items will be given by contractors in the below mentioned format:
Sr. No. Description of item Rate Unit Amount (Rs.)

Item rate should be quoted for non schedule items only and these must be mentioned in figure as well as in words.


Rate(s) quoted in any other format/form in respect of (a) and (b) above shall be rejected. After working out overall amounts on the basis of rates quoted by contractors/firms for (a) and (b), the lowest bidder shall be arrived at.

  1. The rates quoted in the quotations should be valid for at least 90 days of its opening.
  2. Quantities taken in the estimate are tentative and can be increased/ decreased to any extent or can be totally omitted according to actual site conditions & the contractor/firm will have no claim on this account.
  3. Work will be started by the contractor/firm within 21 days from the date of issue of the work order. In case the contractor do not start the work within the prescribed period, no further correspondence in this regard will be made with the contractor to start/execute the work and such contractor shall be held defaulter for not starting the work. Then the standing committee may allot the work to second lowest eligible quote if its quoted rates are found to be reasonable and genuine by cancelling/ rescinding
  4. The allotment letter or may opt for calling quotations afresh the defaulter contractor shall be forbidden for at least six months for quoting his/their rates for other works at PAU
  5. Before remitting payment, contractors/firms will have to deposit a Deposit at Call at the rate 5% of the cost of the work in the name of Comptroller, PAU (by designation) which will be refunded to the contractors/firms after lapse of 3 months of handing over of work on the basis of certificate given by the committee that there is no defect in the building. In case, any defect is noticed in the construction work then the same will be got removed/rectified before releasing security.
  6. If the date of opening of quotations is declared as Public Holiday then the quotations will be opened on the next working day at the same time. The terms & conditions will remain the same.
  7. The material procured/ to be utilized at the site of work will be got approved from the monitoring committee.
  8. Payment of work done shall be remitted to the contractors/firms in single bill (1st and final bill). After the monitoring committee give a certificate regarding satisfactory completion of the work.
  9. The university reserves the right to impose penalty, if the work is not completed within the stipulated period.
  10. The Technical Bid should include photocopy of Enlistment, TAN, PAN. In case the required documents are not attached with the quotation then the quotation of the contractor/firm will be rejected.
  11. CGST, GST, Income Tax, Labour cess & water charges shall be deducted as per prevailing rules.
  12. In case of any dispute, jurisdiction will be Ludhiana District Courts.
  13. * The estimate can be seen from office of the undersigned/S. Gurpreet Singh, J.E (Civil), XEN office.

                                                                           Deputy Director (Trg.)

                                                                                     Krishi Vigyan Kendra